• Celebrating 10 years of Sidemen

    We are honoured to have been a part of Sidemen's 10 Year Anniversary Gala at the spectacular One Marylebone, working alongside Krystal Rodriguez and Faye Scott-Maberley.

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  • Dressing the dual staircases were ornamental florals strategically positioned along the banister, interspersed within silver orbs, by Bubblegum Balloons. Crafted from gypsophila, asparagus fern, and amaranthus in shades of dark green and silver, these elements combined to bring a monochromatic design, rich in captivating textures and varied designs.

    Each structure different in the combination of the flowers used, colour, size and style, making a more artistic and unique look to the staircase.

  • Mirroring the installation on the staircases, more unique floral forms hung from the ceiling downstairs, creating a wonderful sky and backdrop for the aerial performers.

    The floral clouds were mixed with amaranthus to bring texture, for an exciting and striking focal display for the room.

  • Growing around the front of the stage were gypsophila and asparagus fern in blue tones with flashes of silver throughout. The flowers naturally rambled around the dj both to make them appear as if they were playing in a cloud. 

  • As we made our way upstairs, fabulous silver palm trees and glitter balls surrounded the space, filled with with breathtaking clouds of gypsophila in white and green shades, beautifully complimenting each display. What a night it was!

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