Enjoy al fresco dining this summer

With the fabulous British summer upon us, our expert event team are on hand to fulfil all of your al fresco dining dreams, no matter how big or small. Whether it be an intimate family dinner, a summer launch party or a blow out birthday celebration, get in touch with us for a bespoke consultation on your florals!

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The above beautiful table we created with Fiona Leahy is one of our all time favourite outside set ups. We created a canopy of foliage that attached on to the existing pergola and hung tealights down from it so that when the sun set, it gave the guests the feeling of 'dining under the stars'. 

Creating a canopy over your outside table is not only beautiful but also a practical way of creating shade for your guests whilst keeping the outdoor feel that you wouldn't get if you were under a marquee.

5 Top Tips for Dining Al fresco

1. Always have a wet weather plan! We all know how temperamental the British weather can be so make sure you have an indoor option in case the heavens decide to open.

2. Remember that when it gets dark you can't just turn the room lights on! Once the sun goes down you don't want to feel like you have to go inside so make sure you have enough outdoor lighting for when it gets dark. A pergola with fairy lights is the perfect way to offer light whilst creating a magical setting to enjoy the night away.

3. Wind, wind, wind!! Everything looks fabulous until one gust of wind blows it all over...so be practical. We love to use an abundance of low floral arrangements when creating outdoor tablescapes, this way its protected from the wind and all your guests can easily speak across the table.

4. Candles...now we know everyone loves candles but when keeping tradition, it is considered 'bad etiquette' to light candles before dusk so if you're planning a brunch or lunch, keep your table to fabulous florals only!

5. Comfort is key! During the summer months, we see a lot of table settings on low rise, picnic style set ups which although we love, no one really wants to sit on the floor for hours on end...if you do opt for a boho style setting, remember those throw cushions - you'll thank us for them later!

If you are looking to do something yourself, a fabulous way to recreate the Wild at Heart style at home is break up a couple of our signature bouquets into smaller vases and create a runner effect, alternatively our seasonal jam jars are perfect for a tablescape.

Get in touch with our florists for bespoke colour and style options!