3 Ways to Preserve Your Wedding Flowers


After spending months planning and designing your wedding flowers, it seems sad to throw them away after your special day. This is why we love the idea of preserving your bridal bouquet!  

Our fabulous team of expert florists have put together a simple guide with different ways to preserve your wedding flowers and bridal bouquet.


One of our favourite ways to preserve wedding flowers is with a traditional flower press. Choose individual petals from your bridal bouquet or table arrangement, delicately place these on a piece of paper or baking parchment and carefully put a heavy weight on top of them. Leave for 2-3 weeks underneath the weight until the flowers are fully dried and flattened, they can then be carefully lifted from the paper and arranged in a frame.


Another option to beautifully preserve your wedding bouquet would be to dry upside down! Tie your bouquet together halfway down the stems, hang carefully in a dark space – a wardrobe works well and leave for 4-6 weeks! Your bouquet will completely dry in this time for you to then place back in a vase on display, or break apart to make potpourri! 


If you haven’t had time to dry or press your wedding flowers and they have started to wilt, a less common option to preserve your flowers is to paint them – this way you won’t be able to see the flowers that aren’t looking their best and will still be able to keep your flowers as a memory! If you’re feeling even more creative, a mix of painted and pressed flowers would create a beautiful floral collage.

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