Summer is a time of vibrant colours, with flowers of all kinds blooming across the UK. Here at Wild at Heart, London's premier florist, we offer hand-picked summer bouquets to brighten anyone's day. Dive right into the summer season and explore our extensive range of breathtaking summer flower bouquets. 

With a scent that captures the essence of the ‘summer' spirit, our bright and colourful floral designs are the perfect way to say what you feel . 


Choose Wild at Heart for a variety of exceptional seasonal flowers. With each flower bouquet hand-tied by our expert florists, our flowers come fresh every day, ensuring a gorgeous summer spectacle that lasts for days on end.

Redefine your summer with Wild at Heart's exquisite flower bouquets. as we bring you an elegant summer collection, designed with love, delivered with care. Order today and let us bring a touch of summer to your door.



From summer weddings to engagement parties, Wild at Heart crafts captivating wedding bouquets adorned with your favourite seasonal flowers like roses or hydrangeas. Our florists take pride in creating bouquets that add a taste of summer to your special day.



Wild at Heart offers fast, convenient flower delivery throughout London and the UK:

Same day and next day flower delivery is available 7 days a week for last minute gifters.

Nominated date-specific delivery guarantees bouquets arrive on the recipient's preferred date.

Let our team handle the details - simply provide the recipient's address and delivery notes during checkout.



Summer Flowers in Season

The arrival of summer brings an abundance of blooms. Our summer flower collection showcases popular varieties including:

Hydrangea - Large mophead flowers in blues, purples, greens, whites, hydrangeas represent heartfelt emotions.

Daisies - These cheery flowers signify innocence and loyalty. They are available in whites, pinks, and yellows. 

Lilies - Regal white stargazer lilies signify pride, while Orange Asiatic lilies mean friendship.

Dahlias - Showy, multi-petaled dahlias in dazzling colours symbolise dignity and elegance.

Each summer bloom tells a unique story, reflecting the vibrance and beauty of the season. Our designers expertly arrange them into stunning gifts.

Summertime Rose Bouquets

Roses represent classic romance and make traditional summer gifts. Our summertime rose bouquets include:

Bouquets blending Memory Lane Roses with bright pink carnations and eucalyptus for a vibrant arrangement. Memory Lane roses, with their unique lilac hue and sometimes pink-edged petals, symbolise love and admiration.

Soft peach and cream rose varieties like Shimmer Roses and Magic Times Roses mixed with lavender and purple statice for a romantic pastel bouquet. Shimmer roses are known for their delicate peach colour, and Magic Times roses add a touch of whimsy with their striking hues.

Dozens of elegant long-stemmed Secret Garden Roses arranged in glass vases for anniversaries and grand romantic gestures. Secret Garden roses, with their lush, full blooms, make a bold statement of enduring love and passion.

White Roses with lilies and snapdragons for pure, elegant gifts perfect for bridal showers and new relationships. White roses symbolise purity and new beginnings, making them ideal for these occasions.

Arrangements incorporating Country Blues Roses with other seasonal blooms like peonies, hydrangeas, and sunflowers. Country Blues roses offer a distinctive blend of soft blue and lavender tones, adding a unique touch to any summer bouquet.

These carefully curated arrangements are designed to celebrate the beauty and diversity of roses, making them perfect for any special summer occasion.

Gifting Summer Flowers and Bouquets

Treat loved ones to floral gifts like:

Citrus Spritz bouquet: A vibrant arrangement perfect for summer birthdays, featuring a mix of seasonal flowers. Enhance this gift with a True Grace Scented Candles to create a relaxing atmosphere.

Moonlight bouquet: This elegant bouquet is perfect for any occasion, featuring a sophisticated blend of flowers in soft hues. Pair it with a unique vase for a stylish display that makes it easy for the recipient to enjoy their flowers immediately.

Sugar Rush bouquet: Bright and cheerful, this bouquet is ideal for brightening someone's day. Complement this gift with Rococo Chocolates for an indulgent treat that adds a sweet touch to the floral surprise.

Wild at Heart's Signature Summer Bouquets

Our lively hand-tied summer bouquets feature:

Brilliant sweet peas, nigella, and scabiosa for birthday surprises.

Elegant roses for exquisite 25th anniversary gifts.

Soft pastel achillea, fragrant sweet peas, and fresh cosmos sprigs in hand-tied bouquets for romantic gestures.

Vibrant tropical clematis and nigella clustered in modern vases for statement gifts.

Let Wild at Heart's talent shine through with summer bouquets that capture the essence of the season's spirit. Our hand-tied bouquets are guaranteed to put a smile on your loved one's face and bring the beauty of summer into any home.