The hydrangea is a resilient little plant with large globe-like petals. With the right care, hydrangea can grow throughout spring, summer and autumn in a variety of climates. Native to Asia and the America’s, the widest variety of hydrangea plants can be found in Japan, China and Korea, where they also hold a special cultural significance.

In Japan, a sweet tea named ama-cha 甘茶 is made each year in early April for a statue-bathing ceremony celebrating the Buddha’s birthday. In Korea, pink hydrangea’s are especially highly prized. Renowned Korean florist Tan Jun Yong once described them as his favourite flower, saying :

 "the light delicate blush of the petals reminds me of a beating heart, while the size could only match the heart of the sender”

This has given rise to the popular Korean saying “You are the beat of my heart”, often used when gifting pink hydrangea.

We offer Single Stem Hydrangea in pale blue & pale pink, as well as a variety of sizes.

Coming soon: Dried Hydrangea!

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