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The Language Of Sunflowers


How these joyful flowers came to receive their name...

Sunflowers season has returned and we couldn’t be happier to have our signature sunflower bouquet back online.

This joy-inducing flower also has an interesting tale as to how it received its name. Clytie, a water nymph was in love with Apollo, the God of Sun. In the beginning, he loved her too, but then his head was turned by another nymph. Realising Apollo had no interest in her, Clytie told the other nymphs father, who then buried his daughter alive as punishment.

So furious with Clytie, Apollo decided to turn her into a sunflower. But, as her love for him was so strong, she watched him move across the sky everyday. This was how sunflowers came to follow the path of the sun.

The etmology of the name sunflower comes from Helianthus – combining the Greek word for 'sun’ - 'helios' and 'flower’ -'anthus. Faithful to following the sun, Sunflowers express admiration & loyalty, making the perfect bouquet for someone you special that you wish to celebrate.