When one door closes...another door opens! 

This year the Royal Horticultural Society are opening the door to a
Virtual Chelsea Flower Show, of which we are delighted to be a part, amongst some of the most celebrated, talented & inspirational British horticultural designers. 
Pictured above is Nikki’s design for her Artisan Garden which was due to be built for Chelsea Flower Show 2020
Although we are deeply saddened that  the garden could not go ahead this year as planned, we have leapt at the chance to participate in the RHS virtual events and translated the spirit of this vision into our 
Now available at our online store! 
Nikki on the inspiration behind her garden design:

 "Only the most stunning and serene of flowers would grow here .. all traditional English blooms .. planted with love and care ... 100 year old apple trees..tumbling roses..scented jasmine..fragrant wisteria..delicious peonies..foxgloves..lupins .. my absolute favourites.

The artisanal twist .. a recycled neon pergola in pinks, orange, yellow’s and green framed using beautiful recycled sea groyne’s bringing a contemporary edge to all that grows around it. Brightness colour and light .. both old and new.
Everything sourced for our garden was British .. repurposed and sustainable"

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