• Bicester Village Transformation

    Unveiling our stunning landscaping revamp at Bicester Village, we transformed this shopping haven into a vibrant and picturesque oasis, bringing the magic of Wild at Heart to the midst of the Oxfordshire countryside.

  • The journey began in 2016 when Bicester Village sought to enhance its already charming surroundings. With our reputation for crafting botanical creations, it was a natural choice for this collaboration. Wild at Heart founder, Nikki Tibbles, embarked on this project with a vision to infuse the shopping village with the beauty of nature.

    Our initial transformation of Bicester Village was back in 2016, inspired by traditional manor house gardens.  Embracing scent, colour and texture, we brought the English countryside into the heart of Bicester Village with herb gardens, orchards, rose gardens and wisteria arches. This time, 7 years later, our concept focussed on scale, both in planters and plants. From large wicker baskets, giant copper containers and Versailles planters to towering topiary, birch and blossom trees, we are overjoyed to share our new transformation of the Bicester Village landscaping.

  • Our team has worked tirelessly to create a landscape that would captivate visitors at every turn. Gracing courtyards, storefronts, and pathways; colourful arrangements of papillon, fern, agapanthus, hydrangea and gaura flowers dress planters of beautiful cherry blossom, apple, and birch trees, ready to welcome shoppers with bursts of colour and fragrance.

    Reaching the head of the mall finds The Apartment, for a bespoke shopping experience welcomed by grand olive trees encasing the entrance and lining the terrace, bringing privacy and transporting visitors to a Mediterranean scape.

  • One of the key aspects of our landscaping revamp at Bicester Village was our commitment to reflecting the changing seasons. We have focused on bringing life into the village with perennial and evergreen planting to last the whole year round. From a tunnel of wisteria with vibrant lilac flowers in spring to pear trees surrounded by limelight hydrangeas and gaura in summer.

    Autumn brings rich hues of auburn birch leaves in beds of vibrant ferns and the evergreen topiary welcomes through winter's magic. The landscape at Bicester Village evolves throughout the year, providing a unique and immersive shopping experience.

  • Our dedication to sustainability shines through in the landscaping journey. Native and pollinator-friendly plants have been carefully selected to support local wildlife and biodiversity. The use of eco-friendly practices in plant care and maintenance aligns with our commitment to preserving the environment.

    The landscaping works have transformed the prestigious shopping destination into a haven of natural beauty, bringing a testament to the appreciation for the world of flowers. As shoppers stroll through the newly planted landscape, they not only take home the latest fashion trends but also a newfound love for the evergreen plantings, trees and flowers.

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