• Planning an Event with Wild at Heart

    Let us take you on a journey from the first moodboard to the very last petal, showing you how our latest extraordinary event on the shores of Lake Como, Italy, became reality.

    Every client journey is bespoke, aligned to their own hopes, dreams and aspirations for their wedding or event. The service we deliver is second to none and with every flower journey we begin with creative design. From the very first meeting, the process then moves to designing moodboards, creating detailed sketches and renders, focusing on every little detail right up until the actual installation where the magic is unveiled.

  • We assist our clients in creating memorable experiences with renders and sketches, which begin to build the journey for every client and couple we work with.

    Above, you can find our sketch of the flower installation for the vow renewal ceremony, as well as a picture showing how it ultimately appeared. We created this to help our client visualise our ideas. You can also see the moodboard, and some of the flower suggestions, that inspired this event below.

  • Attention to Details

    Each proposal is bespoke to our clients, we pride ourselves on our flawless attention to detail. Considering the finer details completes the journey; from hand embroidered napkins to table linen; from scented candles to bespoke accessories, every detail matters, all designed and produced by the Wild At Heart team.

    Below, you can see the tablecloths designed by Phoebe Deeprose (@deeprosedesigns) for the vow renewal ceremony, that we had the pleasure of being part of.

  • With an unrivalled reputation for creative excellence and quality, we will take you on a journey: from the first moodboard to the very last petal, every detail is carefully considered by our Events Team, turning your dream into a reality.

    Let us spark your imagination and explore different ideas, no matter how big or how small, to design the perfect backdrop for your special event anywhere in the world.

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