Transform your space with Wild at Heart

Flowers can make any space more inviting and have proven to improve peoples mood. 

Nikki and her creative team are ready to work with you to transform any space, whether it be your home, office or retail spaces to create your dream setting.

How it works

  • We will start by having an initial call or face-to-face meeting with you to find out your needs and desired look.

  • Our creative team will then put together a proposal with different flower options for your space.

  • Once you are happy with the proposal our team will come and instal the flowers with our beautiful collection of unique vases to fit the style.

  • To ensure the flowers are always look at their best, we will come back once a week to maintain and top up the flowers to keep them looking fresh and in with the season. 

Our Top Tips

1. Colour

The flowers you choose should be in harmony with the rest of the interior style of your home. When choosing which colours, we like to look at the art and furnishings around the room so that we can match the flower designs to this and ensure they compliment and not clash with the colours.

2. Vases

The choice of the vase is very important – a striking vase can work as a feature in the design of the home but also as one piece with the flowers.

3. Flower Choice

There is so many different types of flowers and arrangement styles that can be used so ensuring your choice of flowers matches your home style helps to create synergy between the two. For example, if the home has a classic English feel, we will use classic English flowers with a more traditional design.

4. Arrangements

When choosing your arrangements, sometimes less is more. If you have a lot of colours and patterns in a room, a single type of flower arrangement can work better than having an arrangement with a mix of flowers.

5. Mirror your flowers

If you have a large room that needs more than one arrangement in, make sure the arrangements mirror each other. Even if they are not exactly the same, ensure you are using the same flowers in all the arrangements to avoid them clashing with each other and taking away from the design of the space.

6. Seasonal Picks

Your arrangements should reflect the seasons! Using seasonal flowers not only ensures that the flowers will last much longer but it also keeps your house in style all your round and is more sustainable.

Where to have flowers in the home

The Hallway

Flowers are the perfect way to welcome you and your guests into the home. Statement flowers in a hallway will never go unnoticed and they set the tone for when anyone walks through the door, bringing the outside in!


The kitchen is usually the heart of the home so having an arrangement here is sure to be seen. Kitchens are usually the most functional space in the house so a beautiful floral display will help to soften the room and bring colour and nature to the centre of the home.

Living Room

The living room is the cosiest room of the house and adding flowers to the space can make it even more inviting. If you have a console table, the best way to dress this is with flowers. Alternatively, adding a small arrangement to your coffee table, adds depth and texture to your room.

Dining table

Everyone loves a tablescape and having a floral centrepiece is the perfect way to frame your dining room. The options are endless… play with heights, textures, and colours, add some tapered candles or tealights for the perfect finishing touch.


A small flower posy on the bedside table, means flowers are the first things you see when you wake up and the last thing you see when you go to sleep! We love to use delicate scented flowers for a soft element to your bedroom.

For enquiries and to book your consultation, email our house & home contracts manager: contracts@wildatheart.com