Keep the Festive Joy Alive

Experience the magic of the season with our enchanting Christmas Collection, featuring handcrafted wreaths and garlands skillfully created by our expert florists. Infused with the quintessential spirit of festive cheer, each piece is adorned with authentic foliage, dried fruit, fragrant spices, and delightful ribbon. Ensure the enduring charm of your wreath or garland by following our expert tips for a lasting and enchanting festive touch.

How to Care for Your Wreath or Garland

Unpack your wreath or garland carefully from the box. Our boxes are recyclable, so please do recycle if you can.

Store in a cool area, away from direct sunlight until ready to hang.

Before hanging, submerge in enough water to feed the cut stems overnight.

For garlands, place a sheet of plastic on your mantle first to protect it from any damage.

We advise that you mist your wreath or garland front and back every other day to keep it hydrated and increase longevity.

Avoid putting up your wreath or garland near any unnecessary heat or sunlight as it will wilt.

Try to put up your wreath on a door which is protected from the elements.