Flower Care for your Famed Nikki Tibbles Wild at Heart Bouquet

Flower Care for your Famed Nikki Tibbles Wild at Heart Bouquet

Flower Care for your Famed Nikki Tibbles Wild at Heart Bouquet

A fresh bouquet can help to light up a room and fill the air with the sweetest aroma. With Summer in full swing, the team at Nikki Tibbles Wild at Heart know that with this warmer weather comes extra special care required for your blooms. This week, the World of Wild at Heart are here to help offer some simple care steps to keep your stems remaining spritely. 


If your flowers are appearing droopier than they are upright, a quick trim and a drink of fresh water will have them perk up within the day. Fill your clean vase with fresh water, trim a couple of centre metres off each stem and remove any leaves which have fallen below the waterline. We would recommend this is repeated every few days to ensure the flowers are kept in fresh, clean water. 


An additional tip for housing your flowers in these warmer months, is to place the vase out of direct sunlight to prevent any flowers from fading sooner than they should.


Some flowers do live longer than others, if this happens within your bunch of blooms, a great time is to then separate the bouquet within smaller bud vases and showcase them along a fireplace or long dining table.


Our final tip is to enjoy your flowers! By following the few simple care steps, your famed Nikki Tibbles Wild at Heart bouquet will beat the heat and live as long as possible. Shop our luxury collection today.

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