The glorious sunflower is a tall, annual or perennial plant that can grow up to 120 inches tall, with a round dinner-plate shaped head and tendrils (named ‘florets’) which lend it the appearance of a flaming sun.  

This flower’s unique shape, along with it’s hue of rich yellow (which fades in late development to a deep maroon) give it the name ‘sunflower’: as well as it’s noted tendency to bend toward the sun throughout the day. This quality has led to the sunflower’s symbolism of worship & devotion in many cultures, as well as hope & faith.

Native to North and Central America, the sunflower can grow naturally wherever the sun is strong throughout the day and its roots have access to plenty of moisture. It thrives near woodlands & streams where the combination of sunlight and water is exactly right.

Brought to western Europe in the 16th century, sunflowers are now a common sight across the sunlit fields of Italy, France and Spain to name a few- they are then harvested for use in a variety of oil and food products.

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Take a look at our light-filled summer sunflower photoshoot below…