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A Red Rose Fantasy at the Legendary Harry's Bar

As we enter Valentine's week we thought we'd indulge ourselves in a throwback to one of our all time favourite events dressing projects; the creation of a sensational red rose fantasy at the legendary Harry's Bar, Mayfair. 

Whilst our Valentine's celebrations are unlikely to be this grand in the new world of 2021: we're still allowed to dream- and get inspired for the future! Red roses have been associated with romantic love since the Ancient Greeks. The flower's tender beauty was associated with the goddess Aphrodite, who the Romans renamed Venus. 

The juxtaposition of a rose's delicate petals with it's spiny thorns have become a metaphor for the often bittersweet nature of love & romance.

Our brief for this 2020 project was to create an impressive, decadent floral display which spoke to a mood of celebration, indulgence and luxury.

In the centre of four round tables we created our statement displays, wrapping towering, curved stands of berried ivy around central stands which at a great height cascaded with rich red flowers.

Asparagus fern and tumbling Amaranthus intertwined with a cornucopia of red tone flowers ranging from deep merlot hydrangea, burgundy parrot tulips, black baccara and black magic roses, rich red matilda, wanted and red eagle roses, bright red tumbling tulips, red piano roses and pale red pom pom ranunculi.

The base of the stands were tightly dressed, and surrounded by golden tea lights, to create an intimacy which pleasantly contrasted with the grandeur above.

The combined effect of the four tables dressed with these statement canopy table centres left guests delighted as they entered an already beautiful room transformed into a heady and fragrant wonderland.

Shop our collection of rose varieties below to bring a little piece of our red rose fantasy to your door (or theirs!) 

To plan for the future with us: contact our events team for a bespoke consultation on 020 7229 1174 or email events@wildatheart.com We look forward to hearing from you!


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