Peony Season is here

Wild at Heart Single Stem Peony Bouquet


Our May Flower Of The Month

The peony is known for its fabulous blousy petals, subtle scent and breathtaking beauty. If like us, you have been waiting for the peony season, they are now in bloom and our expert florists have designed the most beautiful collection of peony bouquets, inspired by those magical evening summer walks in the countryside.  

Peonies are generally in season from late April until late June, and the pink variety tends to bloom earlier than the white variety. The peony season may be short, but we certainly make the most of it whilst it lasts.

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Peonies as Wedding Flowers

Peonies are one of the most popular wedding flowers, and one we are often asked to include in wedding bouquets....and we can see why! Luckily for many Brides and Grooms, the short Peony Season overlaps with wedding season, making it the perfect wedding flower for this time of year. Peonies represent good fortune, happy marriage, riches, honour and compassion, making the peony a pretty perfect choice for your bridal bouquet. 

Wild at Heart Summer Brights Bridal Bouquet, featuring Peonies.
Wild at Heart Morning Meadow Bouquet, featuring white peonies


When peonies arrive in your bouquets, they will first be a beautiful tight bud. These will then bloom into an incredible mass of petals, some peonies reaching a magnificent 25cm in diameter. Some peonies are also known for their colour changing ability as they bloom, making them an even more wonderful addition to your bouquet.

Wild at Heart Limited Edition Platinum Jubilee Bouquet, featuring lemon yellow peonies.
Wild at Heart Coral Charm Peonies
Wild at Heart Cottage Garden Bouquet, featuring peonies.


The peony fragrance is a delightful range from citrus to rose. Peonies from earlier in the season are often very sweet-smelling, and the blooms towards the end have a softer aroma. Peonies are commonly used in candles and perfumes due to the fabulous aroma they give off.

peonies are historic flowers

Members of the Tang Dynasty of China began breeding peonies for the imperial courts during the 7th Century. Their popularity spread to Japan during the 11th Century, then onto France and finally England in the 18th Century. 

Ancient Greek Mythology

The peony is named after Paeon, a student of Asclepius, the Greek God of medicine and healing. Paeon was known as the healer of the gods and used a peony to treat a wound for Zeus. When Asclepius became jealous of his pupil, Zeus saved Paeon by turning him into a Peony. 

Wild at Heart - Peony painting by Vincent Van Gogh
Wild at Heart - Peony painting by Edouard Monet

Discover our range of floral bouquets with peonies, or our single stem peony bouquets.

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