Our Q&A With Saint Fragrance Brand Founders


 Talking all-things fragrance, home scenting and sweetly scented memories...

June sees the launch of an exquisite new candle brand to – Saint Fragrance. Founded by fragrance industry insiders Sam & Emma Pringle in 2020, Saint Fragrance is a London-born lifestyle brand offering a collection of creatively perfumed products - each designed to seamlessly complement your life & enhance wellbeing. Paired with Saint Fragrance’s incredibly aesthetically pleasing grey votives, it’s no wonder this brand is creating a buzz in the world of beauty and fashion. We sat down with Saint Fragrance founders Sam & Emma to find out more about the brand, home scenting and their most fragrant memories.

Q. You founded Saint Fragrance in 2020 – can you tell us a bit more about how the brand came to be? Do you have a background in fragrance?

We have worked in the fragrance industry for a combined 25 years, working alongside perfumers to create fragrances for leading luxury brands. As trends in fragrance come and go, we used our knowledge to create calming scents which we feel will smell as fitting in 10 years’ time as they do today.

Q. What was your experience of starting a brand at the height of a global pandemic? Did it present challenges or opportunities?

We launched in early 2020 just prior to our wedding and the first lockdown. Initially, we thought the timing could not been worse and that we would be left with a few thousand candles gathering dust! However, interest grew organically as people started to look online for ways to create a comforting sanctuary at home. Plus, we were fortunate to be contacted by the Beauty & Lifestyle Editor at British Vogue who featured us in the magazine - a real pinch-us moment and one that helped build brand awareness.

Q. Your candles are extremely aesthetically pleasing! How did you come to settle on the grey colour palette and serif font for the brand? What design references inspire you?

We felt that it was important for our candles to complement all interiors, especially as they make for an unexpected yet appreciated gift. We’ve both been lovers of calming grey tones for a long time, so it felt right it would become our signature colour - it finds the right balance between making a statement on your fireplace and blending seamlessly with your style. We currently see many brands opting for similar sans-serif fonts, so we choose to go against the grain, selecting a font which has an unimposing, reassuring feel.

Q. Which is your current favourite candle in the collection and why?

Emma: Rose Whispers, it is not your classic rose, we paired Bulgarian Rose Oil with Indonesian patchouli and lychee to create a modern chypre scent.

Sam: Sunday Papers was the first candle we developed. It is a great year-round option, full of comforting ingredients including Madagascan vanilla and warm sandalwood.

Q) Scent is so connected to memory; do you have a favourite fragrance that reminds you of a special moment in your lifetime?

Emma: As a child we would holiday in Ibiza, even now when I smell sun lotion anywhere it takes me back to those long, care-free days playing on the beach with my sister until the sun went down.

Sam: I have always found comfort in woody fragrances; I link this back to a trip I was luckily enough to take to the Redwood trees in California. The smell of the forest gave me a real sense of escapism, a feeling we aim to achieve through all our scents.

Q) What are your tips for scenting your home? Is there a particular location you recommend placing a candle and duration you’d recommend burning for?

We recommend burning your candle for at least 1 hour to allow the fragrance to diffuse, but no longer than 3. This will be enough time to be able to subtly smell the scent the following morning. Room size makes a difference, scent will fill your bathroom faster than a larger living space, so when entertaining friends light the candle shortly before they arrive to create the desired ambience. Our fragrances can be layered also, try pairing Rose Whispers with Powdery Skies to create a new olfactive mood.

Q) What’s next for Saint Fragrance?

We are currently working on a new candle scent which will launch in Winter 2021, just in time for getting cosy around the fire! Further ahead, we have exciting plans to expand into other home products and fine fragrances, but we are always open to hear ideas from our customers and partners!