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I am a florist.  It’s what I ‘do’.  I live, breathe and dream about flowers.  So when the words ‘social media’ started creeping into my everyday work life, the technical-phob side of me wanted to run a million miles in the opposite direction.  But today, with an ever-growing successful Facebook, Twitter and Instagram  page, I find myself endlessly searching online for the next big thing to be part of.  Who would have thought!

I stumbled across Tumblr a few weeks ago and I have to admit, I’ve fallen head-over-heels in love with it.  Full of stunning and inspiring photos from around the world, it’s hard not to get lost in hours of scrolling, finding and searching.  From black and white pictures which whisk you back to an era of remembering, to bright and bold images of stunning garden parties and elegant weddings.

With the help of my good friend, Chris Drury, I now have my very own Tumblr page.  Updated daily with my favourite images, you’ll get a glimpse into the ever-flowing ideas and thoughts that pass my mind.  Follow us and let me know your thoughts.

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We did an install at one of our favourite venues this weekend, a wedding anniversary party at Claridges. In the main reception guests were greeted by a central grouping of three different height arrangements on plinths, a mass of green hydrangea, a fountain of eucalyptus and a mass of 400 stems of geulder rose made up each arrangement. In the main Ballroom we used a mix of mirrored and glass containers filled with a knot of green roses, green hydrangea and green guelder. Arrangements were surrounded by pillar candles and mirrored tea lights to compliment the green floral arrangements against the grey linen.’
Tuesday 31st May

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