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This Jubilee weekend also saw Nikki working on a beautiful wedding at the luxury Mandarin Oriental Hotel. Creating a wedding at this highly fashionable address requires elegant arrangements that enhance the environment, and create a magical backdrop for such a special day and this is exactly what Nikki conjured up for the bride and groom.

Flowers were in abundance in vintage shades with splashes of lilac, blue and white in crystal and silver vases, while the arrangements for the ceremony were magnificently exploding out of grand white urns. Combining white and purple hydrangea, with frilly peonies, elegant stock, geulder rose, eucalyptus and a mixture of O’Hara, Sweet Avalanche and Secret Garden roses, the ceremony arrangements made the ideal focal points for such an impressive room. 

In the impressive dining room, Nikki combined a mixture of large singular arrangements on some tables while others had a collection of small floral displays. Surrounded by tea lights, crystal hurricane lamps and crystal candelabra, Nikki brought together an assortment of roses including Faith, Memory Lane, Sahara and Caramel Antique, as well as mixing in this summer’s must have bloom, peonies.


And the elegance carried on outside with urns filled with gorgeous summer flowers framing the walkway to the outdoor space.

It was a truly magical venue and for Nikki and her team it was an absolute pleasure to be able to work on such an elegant wedding.

Thank you to Adam Priscak for his wonderful photography of this wedding. /

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Nikki and her team have been hard at work all weekend finishing off the final details of her exculsive Artisan Garden Retreat ready for the Chelsea Flower Show which starts this week. And Nikki’s finished retreat we think is fabulous…

…outside and inside.

Nikki’s concept was to create a place that would be ideal to read, work and be inspired by nature. She filled the space with gorgeous and lux soft furnishings, sumptuous flowers inside and out, and her favourite books and art work. Nikki has included pieces from Tom Dixon, Karen Nicol and Nathalie Lete as well as a range of pieces of art that Nikki doesn’t just keep confined to inside…

Nikki will be at the show all this week so keep checking our blog for the latest Chelsea Flower Show goings-on.

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At last we can reveal the fabulous and exclusive Stylist front cover in honour of the Chelsea Flower Show designed by Nikki. The first ‘living’ cover commissioned by Stylist, Nikki was privileged to be asked and excited at the challenge to create a cover completely out of flowers and plants. At almost 4 metres long, Nikki and her team built each individual element of the cover at our design studio and then constructed it at the photographic studio with Stylist Photography Director, Tom Gormer and photographer Tessa Traeger.

Over 3,000 flowers and plants were used in total; with 2,100 of them were luscious roses which were used for each petal and the ‘Stylist’ logo. For the centre of flower Nikki opted for bright yellow carnations, while the background to the flower was a combination of Helxine and moss, with white hydrangea providing the white background and boarder. Reindeer moss was used to fashion the top banner, while the ‘The Return of Flower Power’ was made at out of Chrysanthemums. When it came to making the flower, Nikki chose an array of roses and spray roses so that it created a varying shade of colour, resulting in the tips of the petals becoming lighter and helping to give the bloom a 3D effect.

The petals took two people to carry in and place them in the marked out boarder, while Tessa and her photography team made sure that the spacing and lettering were spot on using a template of the magazine on the computer.

Shot from above, Nikki worked with Tessa and the Stylist team to make sure that every leaf, petal and element of the cover looked perfect before taking the final shot.

The final result was absolutely stunning and Nikki and her team want to thank Stylist for giving us the opportunity to get creative and design something on such a massive scale that allows so many people to see the beauty of what can be fashioned from flowers. And on top of that Nikki gets to re-create the front cover at the Chelsea Flower Show next so that all visitors can get up close and see the detail that has gone into creating such a unique magazine cover.

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We have been shooting a gorgeous selection of bouquets that Nikki especially selected for Mother’s Day, we hope you like!

We love Parrot Tulips anyway, but there’s something really special about these candy coloured blooms, they’re just so pretty!

There’s something so delicate and wild about Sweet Peas they really do evoke a simpler time.

These hot pink Baroness Roses have an abundance of petals that help to create a fabulous posy.

The ‘All For Love’ Rose is a brand new variety, and it features very heavily in this gorgeous arrangement alongside green Guelder Rose and lilac Lilac. We’ve presented the bouquet in a pink glass vase with more than a nod to the Art Deco movement and we love it!

In our Peach Rose Bouquet we have included green Guelder Rose and white Lilac, which gives a really fresh feel.

With rambling Clematis, white Anemone and Forget – Me – Nots, this beautiful arrangement reminds us of picking flowers as a child in a wild garden. So delicate and pretty!



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London-based artist Zadok Ben David created this incredible installation using 20,000 cut steel botanical specimens modeled from old textbook illustrations, each embedded in a thin layer of sand. On first encountering the sprawling array of plants they appear completely black, thus the installation’s title: Blackfield. However when viewed from the opposite side, a field of black turns into a wall of colour. We think it’s spectacular.

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Nikki was invited to a very special grand unveiling tonight…

The creative director of Lanvin, the utterly fabulous Alber Elbaz has designed Claridge’s Christmas tree this year and he’s certainly pulled off a very glittery coup!

“We wanted to make all our Christmas dreams come true; an infusion of tradition and modernity together. That is Lanvin,” explained Elbaz.

Joined by the Lanvin family enjoying Christmas, the tree is a sparkling riot of colour and glitter…

And how does one top this?     ….with Alber of course!!

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POSTED November 24, 2011 8:56 am IN:

With a backdrop of the fabulous London skyline, last night’s dinner called for a contemporary look which was still very classic. This was achieved with a gorgeous mix of green orchids, succulents and grasses combined with cream roses, hydrangea and snowball blooms…

In the standing bar area, Nikki chose eight plinths with small arrangements of white tulips with tea lights on clear boxes with mirrored bottoms filled with cream rose petals, the effect was completely delightful.

Photography by Laura Cloutman


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The sculpture gallery at Woburn Abbey was completely transformed last night by Nikki and her amazing events team. Nikki worked with the concept of a gentlemen’s club and at one end of the gallery created a sumptuous seating area with worn and comfortable leather chesterfield sofas in muted tones that beautifully complimented the walls and paintings…

Directly opposite the main entrance, the guests were treated to an absolutely stunning arrangement on a massive scale…!

At the other end of the hall – Nikki and the team created an opulent dinner setting for the guests which was absolutely breathtaking.

The clients were absolutely thrilled with the effect and the evening was a huge success!

Photography Laura Cloutman

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