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BannerNikki Tibbles Wild at Heart are delighted to announce the launch of the exciting new partnership with one of the UK’s most loved online florist’s, Bloom & Wild. The collaboration marries the abundant Wild at Heart style with Bloom & Wild’s innovative use of mobile technology to create a harmonious partnership of beautiful floral arrangements.

13Inspired by Victorian floriography, the series of hand-tie and letterbox bouquets have been carefully curated to celebrate the language of flowers. In the 19th century flower gifting held true sentiment with each stem baring different meaning. Floriography became the prevalent way to send messages to friends or loved ones.

17Working closely with popular names in the fashion, art, travel and lifestyle industry, Nikki and Bloom & Wild created a re-fashioned floral glossary, bringing modern meaning to each hand-tie and letterbox arrangement. The theme of ‘Modern Heritage’ brings back the romance into flower gifting, making each arrangement the perfect gift with sentiment.


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