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POSTED January 30, 2015 12:55 pm IN:

Here are some recent Instagram posts featuring our hard work. To see more pictures of our wonderful flowers, events and Valentine’s range, remember to follow me, @nikkitibbleswildatheart.







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POSTED January 28, 2015 5:20 pm IN:

We absolutely adore the set and styling of Karl Lagerfeld’s creation for Chanel’s Spring/Summers couture show. With tall statues of paper flowers decorating the stage and models clad in flower print and plant pots, it appeared like a tropical green house of high fashion.

We’ve borrowed the Instagram photos of Chanel, Grazia and Vogue to share the stunning scenes with you:







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This month we are celebrating one of our seasonal favourites, lilac! This fragrant flower comes in so many colours and is the perfect scented addition to your bouquets.

celebrating lilac

Here are some of our stunning lilac bouquets:

lilac bouquets

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POSTED January 27, 2015 12:46 pm IN:

Your colour scheme can be complemented perfectly by your lighting choices. Blue and purple tones mixed with white flowers will create an icy setting as they are all cold colours, and will truly reflect a winter wonderland.

Flowers such as white roses, anemones and astrantia mixed with silver and grey foliage’s like senecio and eucalyptus will work well to create this icy environment.

close up winter bouquet

An alternative to icy tones is creating a warm and radiant atmosphere through blush hues and accents of gold, complemented by the soft light of candles. With the dark evenings advancing, using candles is a beautiful way to light up a room and create a warm and glowing environment. Lighting a venue this way creates a perfect balance against winter’s dark and cold characteristics. This setting can be enhanced by placing the candles in cut glass or crystal containers, creating a more luxurious and classic display, as the light flickers through.

atelier candles

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POSTED January 22, 2015 4:35 pm IN:

Thank you all for entering our Valentine’s survey! We have been busy creating our new Valentine’s range of bouquets just for you.

We have been inspired by everything from colourful stocks, to pale pink ranunculus and deep red roses. This year we want to give you a variety of bouquets from a dozen red roses to gorgeous mixed flower bouquets exploding with colour.

We have taken some behind the scenes photos of our new range to share with you.

close up pink ranunc

close up ranunc

cropped red roses

cropped roses

close up lilac

cropped lady bomb rosesstock close upclose up eclectic

anemone close up

close up mixed bouquet


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