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Will you be joining us to support Carden Cunietti with their new fundraising event for Kids Company; the Spring Clean?

The pop up event, where shoppers will be able to pick up bespoke, prototype and designer pieces alongside art and photography, now has over 500 donations from incredible designers, galleries and suppliers including Spina, Tom Dixon, The Conran Shop and And So To Bed.

You can come along and show your support on 30th and 31st May from 10.30am to 6.30pm and 1st June from 12 noon to 4.00 pm. The event is being held at the Londonewcastle Project Space, 28 Redchurch St, London, E2 7DP.

You can see all the details here: And here are a few of the amazing items on offer, to tempt you to come along:

1148 Barker and Stonehouse - Quetta Chair  1189 Jennifer Newman Benches 1138 davidseyfried limerston-sofa2

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Such an incredible amount of work goes into each and every event and display that we’re involved in. From the initial inspiration, building the concepts, working through samples and planning for the day, there’s so much background work. And then there’s actually installing displays, which can take teams of florists days to set up.

I don’t often get the chance to demonstrate the hours that go into setting up, but now you can glimpse some of the hard work behind the beautiful results of our partnership with Kate Spade New York for Chelsea in Bloom with this incredible time lapse video:



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The very talented artist, Chris Brown, recently adorned our Pimlico store windows with beautiful illustrations of notable residents of Chelsea. He kindly took ten minutes to tell us more about his inspiration, his motivation and what Chelsea means to him.

Can you tell us a bit about your background and experience?

I was born in Putney close to the river and was very privileged in having an extremely happy childhood.  In An Alphabet of England, published by Merrell, I wrote about my childhood in London.  At school I wanted to go to university to read History but somehow I ended up going to art school, first Hornsey studying Graphics (though I wanted to transfer to fashion), then eventually the Royal College of Art.  At the time, the RCA was a three year course and it was there that I met Edward Bawden who became a friend and my greatest influence.

What does Chelsea, and London, mean to you?

Chelsea for a child and a teenager meant the 22 Bus, which began its journey from Putney where I was born and went to Homerton. I never travelled the full route; my journeys usually stopped at Piccadilly.  As a teenager Chelsea was about the boutiques, never having enough money to buy from them I still used to tentatively enter them and long to be part of the ‘swinging scene’.   London is home, where I live and work. Although I enjoy visiting other cities, I can’t imagine living anywhere else. I never tire of walking round the city, finding places I’ve never visited and always looking up to see what’s above some of the bad signage which now blights many of our streets. London is a city full of life; it acknowledges its past but looks to the future.

How do you stay inspired? What really gets your creativity going?

All projects pose problems, which I like to try and solve.  Reading, films and the theatre and looking help inspire me. The latter is especially true and my current project – An Alphabet of England is all about looking.

Travelling the country with my sketchbook and camera trying to discover the unexpected and the unusual, the ordinary and the extraordinary, the ancient and the modern.

I’m also inspired by the enthusiasm others, designers, illustrators, friends and some of my students

For me, working with flowers and making a palette out of their colours and textures is the perfect way to express my creativity. What’s your favourite creative outlet?

Illustrators create their own worlds. It’s rather like being a child; you make your own reality. It would be lovely to say that I have other creative outlets but it’s just image making, drawing, and chipping away on bits of lino. Once I asked dear friend with whom I was at the RCA when she knew a drawing was finished and she replied “if it involves a man it’s easy it’s when I start to fancy him”.  With me it’s often when I start to smile at my own work.  I am extremely lucky to do a job which I enjoy.  After many years working I now feel confident to sit back when I finish a piece of work and to say to myself “That’s not bad!”.

What’s your day-to-day motivation? What drives you?

I always think that it’s good to look back at yesterday but today is more important and tomorrow is to be looked forward to.  A job works for me when I can make it my own; the promise of a cheque at the end is neither carrot nor stick. Often it is working for a friend or sympathetic client that results in the best work.  I also believe that routine helps creativity and every day (when I’m not teaching in Liverpool) starts with a swim, a chance for me to think about the day ahead.  Then it’s a coffee and out with my notebook, I’m forever making lists and planning projects, then home to work.


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With inspiration from the Chelsea Flower Show and Chelsea in Bloom fresh in your mind, why not take the opportunity to explore some of London’s secret gardens this long weekend or over the half term holidays?

One of my personal favourites is the Chelsea Physic garden. It’s a stunning secret garden, nestled in the centre of London. It’s so private it feels like you’ve made your own new discovery even though it’s one of London’s oldest botanic gardens.

Chelsea Physic Garden

You can see a great list of London’s best gardens here:

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We’re heading into the long weekend with a lot to celebrate thanks to all the hard work of our incredible team.

After our work with Kate Spade New York for Chelsea in Bloom was recognised with the Gold Award we’ve been overwhelmed by everyone’s support, from online votes to kind messages. Thank you!

To add to that, one of our most recent weddings was featured on the cover of Hello! magazine. Don’t they look beautiful?


We’re looking forward to seeing what good news next week brings!

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POSTED May 22, 2014 4:30 pm IN:

I mentioned earlier this week that the incredibly talented illustrator and artist Christopher Brown has designed window displays, celebrating iconic Chelsea characters, for my Pimlico store.

Last night we gathered to admire his Chelsea Flower Parade window display, limited edition booklets and recent book, An Alphabet of London, in person.

Chris’ hand coloured prints found a few fans:


And he was on-hand throughout the evening to sign his beautiful books:


While we spilled out onto the street and admired his window displays with a glass of wine in hand:



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We have been honoured to work with Kate Spade New York to turn their Chelsea store into a veritable tropical paradise for this year’s Chelsea in Bloom.

Each year, retailers in Chelsea are tasked with bringing a theme to life through flowers and this year’s theme is ‘Creation in colour – a journey through fashion, food and lifestyle’. Coupled with Kate Spade New York’s current Rio inspired collection, we had a great place to start.

The first stage was gathering our inspiration in a mood board so we could set the scene:

Kate Spade mood board

We also looked at the fabrics and colour schemes in use for Kate Spade’s Rio collection, so we could make our design authentic to the brand.


We then looked at how to make the best use of the space, creating designs that work from the inside of the store to the windows and then burst into life outside.



We really ran away with the theme, thinking of coconut cocktails on the beach, the brightest of flowers and tropical toucans.

IMG_4021 IMG_4116 IMG_4121

And after that, it was really down to hard work to get the installation built and beautiful!

That way we created a scene that’s true to Kate Spade, while considering each aspect of the Chelsea in Bloom theme.


If you love our display as much as we do, you can vote for us on the Chelsea in Bloom website here:

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I couldn’t let the Chelsea Flower Show go by without creating my own bouquets to celebrate! Let me introduce you to my Chelsea collection, which will be available over the next two weeks:

The Classic Chelsea Bouquet

This luxurious bouquet combines white peonies, fluffy white hydrangea, cream foxgloves, white O’Hara roses with lambs ears, solomon’s seal and lime green guelder rose to make a truly classic bouquet.

Classic Chelsea Bouquet

The Sumptuous Chelsea Bouquet

This classic bouquet includes sweet scented Sarah Bernhardt peonies, pink hydrangea, lilac and pale blue delphinium, pink garden roses and vibrant lime green guelder rose.

Sumptuous Chelsea Bouquet

The Garden Chelsea Bouquet

This beautiful English garden bouquet combines beautiful coral charm peonies, all for love roses, fluffy purple hydrangea, alchemilla mollis with peach foxgloves and lilac delphinium to create a truly luxurious bouquet.

Garden Chelsea Bouquet

The Romantic Chelsea Bouquet

And last but not least, this romantic blend incorporates all for love roses, sweet scented Sarah Bernhardt peonies, pink wild clematis, scented O’Hara roses, lime green guelder rose with pink foxgloves and trailing jasmine. A luxurious treat for the love in your life.

Romantic Chelsea Bouquet

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POSTED May 19, 2014 6:13 pm IN:

As you may have read, I’m thrilled to be supporting Kids Company with their new fundraising event, The Spring Clean, and I’d like to invite you to join us there. The event, celebrating the best of British talent, will be a pop-up designer sale where shoppers can pick up incredible bespoke, prototype and designer bargains alongside art and photography.

You can see all the details in this event invitation and more information online here.

Hope to see you there!

SpringCleanFlyer Final to send as Invite

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