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After a triumphant start to the Olympics on Friday night, we are feeling very British here at Nikki Tibbles Wild at Heart. We have been particularly inspired by Danny Boyle’s ‘green and pleasant land,’ the opening scene for the Olympic Games Opening Ceremony, as well as the beautiful wild flower meadows that are currently in full bloom around the Olympic Park.

With the eyes of the world watching the Opening Ceremony of the London 2012 Olympic Games, it was a pleasure to see one of this country’s greatest assets, our beautiful countryside, being showcased to the rest of the world. Boyle had earlier explained that “the green and pleasant land is something that still exists, and is something that cries out to all of us like a childhood memory”.

And with that in mind, we are glad to see that the team behind the Olympic Park have made sure that a bit of the British countryside has been brought toStratford, with gardens and meadows all around the stadiums.

4,000 trees, 300,000 wetland plants, 15,000 square metres of lawns and more than 150,000 perennial plants, as well as 10 football fields-worth of wildflower meadows have been carefully sown on the 250-hectare site in eastLondon.

As someone who loves to spend her spare time in the countryside and who is an advocate for using British grown flowers, Nikki is thrilled that there will be a legacy left of a permanent park once the Olympics are over.

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A combination of beautiful weather, tranquil settings and stunning decor were what made this summer party in St Tropez such a magnificent evening. Set in the grounds of an old chateau with rows of palm trees surrounding the open sided marquee, this party aimed to get everyone in the spirit of summer. The garden even featured a greenhouse designed by Alexandre Gustave Eiffel of Eiffel Tower fame – how fabulous!  

Working with the brilliant GSP to pull the event together, Nikki and her team were given the exciting brief to create brightly coloured / neon themed arrangements with impact. So, hot pink, gold and a splashes of purple were the order of the day…

For the bar area outside, a tall white vase was used to display hot pink orchids, four types of roses and peonies, and filled out with eucalyptus and vanda orchids creating a cascading arrangement that looked elegant yet fun.


Inside the marquee, the tables featured two complementing arrangements that were displayed on the 32 tables. Alternating between low and tall arrangements all of them were displayed in white glass vases and featured hot pink peonies, roses, pink and purple orchids, all with gold accents of sprayed eucalyptus. Elegant gold tealights were placed around the arrangements giving the atmposphere a warm glow.   


Accompanying the floral arrangements, Nikki also transported (via a lorry) 50 storm lanterns and ten small palm trees which our florists’ sprayed gold to give it a glamorous feel. These were all introduced to the outside area where a stage with large hanging disco balls was built to provide the party with the live and exclusive music and an area where guests could relax after dinner.

It was a truly magnificent event and pleasure to work on. Thank you to GSP for the use of the images.

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Glamorous, classic, feminine and sophisticated – no one does haute couture that translates into bridal style as well as the oh so talented, Elie Saab. His autumn/winter 2012/13 couture show in Paris this month saw thousands of sequins and beads with layers of delicate lace and the classic Elie Saab silhouettes that the Lebanese fashion designer is known for. But what made me really sit up and take notice was the finale of the show which saw a stunning grey with gold jacquard wedding dress float down the catwalk – I just adore it! The lace bodice with embroidered brooches, the lace hem and the gold embroidered jacquard veil with embroidered headpiece show the intricate detail that has gone into the dress, while the gold metal belt adds a cool edge to the design. It is the perfect dress for a bride who doesn’t want to wear white but wants a showstopper of a wedding gown none-the-less.

And if you’re looking for an Oscar worthy dress for your bridesmaids then take a look at the rest of the collection for inspiration… Simply beautiful!

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There are only two days left until London becomes the centre of the world for three weeks, with this Friday seeing the Olympic opening ceremony officially launching London as the place to be, with an estimated global audience of 4bn people watching the entertainment. And here at Nikki Tibbles Wild at Heart we are extremely excited about such an epic event coming to our capital that we couldn’t help but get involved. So, we have joined forces with global yacht advisory service, MGMT to be their official florist for all their super yachts which will arrive over the coming weeks, transforming the River Thames into a scene usually seen in Monaco.

With some of the most lavish super yachts already having started to arrive in London this week, all jostling for space on the Thames, MGMT are offering their clients not only their immense yachting experience but they have brought in the best of the best when it comes to giving their clients the full package – and this is where we come in. We are working along side MGMT to provide flowers for the yachts, whether it is beautiful vases filled with flowers to give the yacht that home comfort feel or the  private events aboard the yacht, we are on hand to provide luxury flowers during their stay in London. Nikki is also always happy to lend her creative eye when it comes to these events, offering a styling service that not only supplies flowers but where everything else is thought of and organised that will help bring the yacht to life and provide the perfect place to celebrate this spectacular event.

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Barefoot luxury with a chic rustic feel was the order of the day for this June beach wedding I recently worked on. Set on the picturesque French island of Île Sainte-Marguerite , off the coast of Antibes and Cannes, this intimate wedding was simply stunning with an effortless colour scheme of whites and creams.

With a fabulous pre-wedding party the night before on a yacht, the wedding day saw the ceremony and reception taking place outside on the white sands of a private beach. The beauty of working on a wedding where the venue is a location such as a beach is that it is a clear canvas to create whatever fairytale the couple are looking to fashion for their special day. With this beach wedding I wanted to create an aisle not just from the seating but also make an entrance point and a definitive area where they were to get married.

For the entrance to the aisle we placed two tall, elegant flower arrangements in clear urns, on distressed white pillars either side of the walkway. The clear urns made sure that the arrangements didn’t look to heavy and had the illusion that they were floating. At the end of the aisle, we designed a beautiful arch of flowers for the couple to get married under. Filled with white roses, hydrangea, peonies, delphiniums, stock, and eucalyptus, the arch not only created a romantic place to get married under but also framed the stunning view out to sea and created the perfect focal point for the guests. A second, smaller arch was constructed as a doorway for guests to enter under.

With the white chairs that lined the aisle, I decorated them with chair ties combining O’Hara roses, guelder roses, hydrangeas, peonies and a sprinkling of eucalyptus, to create a soft and chic outline to the aisle.

In my initial meetings with the bride and groom and the fabulous GSP events team, they explained that they were looking for an abundance of flowers to create the luxurious feel to a simple setting while also wanting me to recognise the environment that the wedding was taking place in. The white and cream with hints of green were used to be very much in keeping with the white sand and green olive trees. While for the reception tables, the arrangements were full and blousy but didn’t take away from the stunning natural surroundings, with the exception of the top table, where I created a bespoke flower tree canopy to add a focal point to the outdoor area.

Often with wedding flowers the key is in the details. Creating arrangements and displays that guests aren’t expecting, such as the canopy of flowers on the top table, is what creates the wow factor that guests will be talking about. The details that I focused on for this wedding were things such as filling a wheelbarrow full of beautiful flowers and creating a natural feel to the bamboo columns by winding  garlands of eucalyptus and white roses around them, fashioning a rustic feel to the setting.

In the surrounding olive trees, hanging cascades of white delphiniums and peonies added a chic element that was another small detail that created a unique talking point for the guests.

The intimate setting, the fabulous weather, and the beautiful styling of the day made this wedding a memorable day, not only for the bride, groom and guests but also for those of us who worked on the event, it was truly a pleasure to be involved. Congratulations!

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The one thing that we are always doing at Nikki Tibbles Wild at Heart is immersing ourselves in everything that is going on around us, even if it has nothing to do with flowers. Be it new art exhibitions, fashion, the latest blog or simply getting absorbed in a book, we are always searching for inspiration that will not only enrich our lives but lead to new ideas and concepts that aims to make Nikki Tibbles Wild at Heart stand out from the crowd. Nikki in particular looks to a whole host of elements, such as fashion, art and nature to find inspiration that allows her to keep her work fresh and on trend.

So, while browsing one of favourite websites, Sophie Conran Inspiration, we were thrilled to see that Nikki Tibbles Wild at Heart was one of Sophie’s points of inspiration. Sophie says of Wild of Heart, “They are true artists, using only the highest quality flowers to produce anything from delicate bouquets to spectacular, room-filling floral displays.”

Nikki and her team are always trying to keep things new and unique and it is lovely to see that we are able to offer inspiration to others through our work.

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Here at Nikki Tibbles Wild at Heart, we love Rob Ryan and his intricate paper-cut designs, so when we heard that a new collection of his ceramic pieces will go on display at the Charleston Gallery, Firle, East Sussex, from 20 July to 2 September, we all got very excited. Mixing traditional with his contemporary and unique style, we can’t wait to see the whole collection. For more information, visit, or call 01323811626.

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It has been the wettest July on record but if the French saying, ‘mariage pluvieux, mariage heureux,’ (rainy wedding, happy marriage) is to be believed then this is the perfect sign for a couple’s wedding day. And this was the case for a beautiful, if somewhat soggy, wedding in Kent that I worked on a few weeks ago. Despite planning most of the wedding to take place outside, last minute marquees had to be constructed to keep the bride, groom and their guests dry from the relentless rain. But this didn’t put a damper on this international wedding, with the groom and his family from France and the bride from the UK, the couple had decided to hold their wedding in a marquee in beautiful park grounds around a tranquil lake.

Working with our friends at Urban Caprice, there was very much a vintage theme to the wedding, with stunning vintage candelabra and classic roses in shades of pink, creams and light yellows. For the outdoor service, the chair backs were bursting with luxurious, full peonies, roses and spray roses, attached with beautiful vintage ribbon.

Outside the marquee, I dressed statues in roses, hydrangeas and eucalyptus and styled them in a natural lose effect to match the outdoor surroundings.

Inside the marquee, I opted for two harmonizing concepts for the tables. The first mirrored the draping around the statues outside, with smaller garlands of roses wrapped around crystal candelabra which were then surrounded by small crystal vases filled with classic blooms. On the other tables, a low large arrangement of vintage roses were placed along with crystal pillar candle stick holders. I think both styles worked well together as they created varying viewpoints for the guests when they first entered the marquee, creating that wow factor.

In true British spirit, the bride and groom, along with their guests made sure that the rain didn’t stop this special day from being the perfect country wedding. Congratulations!

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Sunday saw a break in the wet weather during the Castle Farm Lavender Festival in Shoreham, Kent, where the lavender season got underway with the glorious scent and vibrant colour of the fields filling the valley. The popular Lavender Festival offers tours of the lavender fields, fresh-cut bunches of lavender for sale, lots of herb and lavender plants, and fresh-picked local cherries and strawberries.

As one of Nikki Tibbles Wild at Heart’s favourite summer plants, Lavender not only makes the perfect flowering plant for the garden but also makes a unique and gorgeous smelling bouquet, which is what we have created as part of our new range of bunches for the summer, which are available online and in our stores.

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POSTED July 13, 2012 4:58 pm IN:

Last night saw Peyton Events hold their company showcase in the gorgeous surroundings of one of their many venues, The National Cafe, and Nikki Tibbles Wild at Heart were thrilled to work with them to provide the flowers for the evening. Set as two different event spaces (Dinner & Reception), the aim of the night was to showcase what is achievable to their guests (and of course, to enjoy all the fabulous food by Peyton’s specialist chefs.)

As their chosen supplier of flowers, Nikki Tibbles Wild at Heart loves working with Peyton Events, who provide catering to some of the capital’s most beautiful venues such as The British Library, The Wallace Collection and Kew Gardens, to name but a few. Spearheaded by Oliver Peyton, his events team has been brought together to include some of the UK’s best chefs, sommeliers and mixologists, as well as experienced event organisers.


Designed by celebrated interiors architect, David Collins, The National Cafe combines three rooms which are the ideal spaces for an array of occasions. So, last night in the Trafalgar Room, the private dining room, Nikki created a grouping of silver vintage vases filled with Caramel and Faith roses which surrounded striking candelabra. Gold tea lights were dotted around the table and caramel ribbons were tied around the napkins.   


In the main room, pink and black was the colour scheme with pink hydrangea, pink peonies, light and dark pink roses and dahlias, all placed in black vases. Black ribbons were placed around the napkins and then Nikki added deep red dahlia flowers to the plates to give that little extra touch to the table setting. Black candles placed in black candelabra adorned a couple of the tables while black candlesticks decorated the other tables accompanied with tea lights.


In the third room, green and white was the theme of the evening with white delphinium bursting out of white vases and glass cake stand displaying white roses and peonies. And later on in the night the cake stands were surrounded by glorious deserts that caused quite a stir with the guests. Gorgeous green hydrangea filled a second white vase to really create a wow factor to the room.

It was a fabulous night and Peyton put on the perfect showcase – congratulations to all the team!

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