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POSTED May 23, 2012 10:05 pm IN:

Summer has finally arrived just in time for the Chelsea Flower Show and Nikki and her Wild at Heart team are loving being outside and have the opportunity to meet with all the wonderful people coming to the show. Despite spending most of her time at her retreat chatting to visitors, Nikki has managed to venture out and see what other magnificent creations other exhibitors have produced for this prestigious event.

So, here are just a few of Nikki’s favourite displays at this year’s Chelsea Flower Show…



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POSTED May 22, 2012 2:58 pm IN:

Only the second day into the Chelsea Flower Show and already Nikki has had an array of vistors to her retreat. Nikki’s great friend and fashion designer, Betty Jackson showed her support along with Japser Conran and Hilary Alexander…

While Ben, one half of the fabulous design duo Meadham Kirchhoff came to see the retreat and admire his handy work in the form of Nikki’s stunning jacket that she was wearing.

Artist Rob Ryan, most famous for his detailed paper cut outs, sent Nikki a lovely email saying how much he loved our ‘living’ cover for Stylist magazine (Rob has also done a fantastic cover for Stylist in the past) and so Nikki invited him to come along to the show and see the cover in all its glory and enjoy a few brownies at her retreat. A massive fan, Nikki really enjoyed meeting with Rob and his lovely daughter.

Artist Andrew Logan also chatted to Nikki about her inspiration behind the retreat…

 Also attending yesterday’s show and stealing the limelight was one of Nikki’s four dogs, Lenny. Showing visitors that no retreat is complete without a furry companion, Lenny posed like a pro and was a real star while Nikki gave interviews and talk to visitors.

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POSTED May 20, 2012 10:53 pm IN:

Nikki and her team have been hard at work all weekend finishing off the final details of her exculsive Artisan Garden Retreat ready for the Chelsea Flower Show which starts this week. And Nikki’s finished retreat we think is fabulous…

…outside and inside.

Nikki’s concept was to create a place that would be ideal to read, work and be inspired by nature. She filled the space with gorgeous and lux soft furnishings, sumptuous flowers inside and out, and her favourite books and art work. Nikki has included pieces from Tom Dixon, Karen Nicol and Nathalie Lete as well as a range of pieces of art that Nikki doesn’t just keep confined to inside…

Nikki will be at the show all this week so keep checking our blog for the latest Chelsea Flower Show goings-on.

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POSTED May 18, 2012 7:32 am IN:

Things are in full swing at the Chelsea Flower Show for Nikki and her team who are working on Nikki’s Artisan Retreat in time for the shows opening this coming Monday. The retreat is starting to take shape and every day there are new developments…

Tuesday saw Nikki’s favourite shade of grey being added to the inside of the retreat. First the floor…

…and then the walls and ceiling in a little shade were completed on Wednesday.

Yesterday furniture was being constructed, such as these fabulous fluro Tom Dixon benches and Nikki began to add a few of her favourite pieces.

Nikki picked this Tom Dixon standing lamp to add to her retreat to add a splash of colour.

We can’t wait for the retreat to be finished and for visitors to the show to be able to see all the fabulous things Nikki has included in her retreat. Nikki and her team will be at the show all week so please do come by and visit us and see our retreat with a view…

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POSTED May 16, 2012 11:15 am IN:

At last we can reveal the fabulous and exclusive Stylist front cover in honour of the Chelsea Flower Show designed by Nikki. The first ‘living’ cover commissioned by Stylist, Nikki was privileged to be asked and excited at the challenge to create a cover completely out of flowers and plants. At almost 4 metres long, Nikki and her team built each individual element of the cover at our design studio and then constructed it at the photographic studio with Stylist Photography Director, Tom Gormer and photographer Tessa Traeger.

Over 3,000 flowers and plants were used in total; with 2,100 of them were luscious roses which were used for each petal and the ‘Stylist’ logo. For the centre of flower Nikki opted for bright yellow carnations, while the background to the flower was a combination of Helxine and moss, with white hydrangea providing the white background and boarder. Reindeer moss was used to fashion the top banner, while the ‘The Return of Flower Power’ was made at out of Chrysanthemums. When it came to making the flower, Nikki chose an array of roses and spray roses so that it created a varying shade of colour, resulting in the tips of the petals becoming lighter and helping to give the bloom a 3D effect.

The petals took two people to carry in and place them in the marked out boarder, while Tessa and her photography team made sure that the spacing and lettering were spot on using a template of the magazine on the computer.

Shot from above, Nikki worked with Tessa and the Stylist team to make sure that every leaf, petal and element of the cover looked perfect before taking the final shot.

The final result was absolutely stunning and Nikki and her team want to thank Stylist for giving us the opportunity to get creative and design something on such a massive scale that allows so many people to see the beauty of what can be fashioned from flowers. And on top of that Nikki gets to re-create the front cover at the Chelsea Flower Show next so that all visitors can get up close and see the detail that has gone into creating such a unique magazine cover.

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POSTED May 14, 2012 10:20 am IN:

As you read this, Nikki’s favourite embroidery and mixed media textile artist, Karen Nicol, is working hard to create stunning and bespoke pieces for Nikki’s Chelsea Flower Show garden retreat. Having supplied Karen with cushions and throws from Nikki’s house, Karen is working her magic, adding beautiful flowers in an array of colours and textures.

Karen studied at Manchester and the Royal College of Art and later went on to teach at the RCA, Bath, Brighton and London College of Fashion. Often using traditional hand skills, a lot of Karen’s work is inspired by vintage pieces and she specialises in Irish, Cornelly, Multihead, beading and hand embroidery. She has had her London based design and production studio for over twenty-five years and has worked in close collaboration with fashion designers such as Chanel Couture, Givenchy, Matthew Williamson, Vera Wang, Chloe, Marc Jacobs, as well as working closely with Harvey Nicholls, Harrods and Liberty.

 Here at Nikki Tibbles Wild at Heart we are massive fans of Karen’s innovative and beautiful work and have commissioned her in the past to work on a variety of projects including creating bespoke napkins for a client’s wedding. A fan for years, Nikki’s home boasts a pile of cushions made by Karen, so she is very excited to see what Karen fashions for her Chelsea garden retreat.

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POSTED May 13, 2012 12:53 pm IN:

Nikki is in full Chelsea Flower Show mode and has been hand picking fantastic pieces to feature in her garden retreat that will be displayed at the show. Nikki headed out of London to West Sussex to her favourite interior shop in Petworth, Giovanna Ticciati, to source some beautiful pieces such as this gorgeous floating bookshelf.

Giovanna Ticciati is an interior designer who places emphasis on function, craftsmanship and style and the shop in Petworth is a platform for the designer to sell her pieces, together with a collection of contemporary and antique furniture, lighting and art.

While trawling the antique shops of the ancient market town for unique pieces for the retreat, Nikki made a detour to her favourite bakery and deli in the area, The Hungry Guest. All their products are locally sourced and the deli is Nikki’s guilty pleasure when she visits Petworth. So, don’t be surprised if you find Nikki offering you a glass of freshly pressed apple juice or sharing a variety of The Hungry Guest’s cheeses when you visit her Chelsea Flower Show retreat.

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POSTED May 11, 2012 5:11 pm IN:

Nikki has created a sumptuous Chelsea Flower Show bouquet inspired by our beautiful British country gardens. This fabulous bouquet contains Garden Roses, foxgloves, Guelder Rose, All for Love Roses, White Lilac and Spray Roses and is available online and from all of shops.

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POSTED May 9, 2012 11:38 am IN:

With only a week and half to go until the illustrious Chelsea Flower Show starts, Nikki got the very privileged opportunity to see behind the scenes and visit her artisan retreat which will be on show to all visitors. As well as recreating the Stylist front cover which Nikki designed completely out of flowers, Nikki is very honoured to have been asked to bring her unique style and sought after creative flare to one of the five Artisan Retreats which aims to show visitors the creative and decorative potential of a garden hut.

Located in the Ranelagh Gardens section of the showground, Nikki’s retreat which has been painted her favourite shade of grey, will be based on the idea of having somewhere to read, work, entertain and be inspired by nature. Inside and out, Nikki’s retreat will reflect Nikki and the things that she loves to be surrounded by such as beautiful, textured furnishings in vibrant colours, gorgeous smelling candles, piles of books, as well as art work on the wall and of course flowers.


If you have tickets to the show then please stop by and have a chat with Nikki about what inspired the look of her retreat and take a peek at the fabulous things she has done inside and out and if you haven’t already got your tickets then what are you waiting for…

Thank you to Show Manager, Alexandra Denman (above with Nikki on site) and everyone at the RHS Chelsea Flower Show for allowing Nikki this fantastic opportunity to get creative!

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