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London-based artist Zadok Ben David created this incredible installation using 20,000 cut steel botanical specimens modeled from old textbook illustrations, each embedded in a thin layer of sand. On first encountering the sprawling array of plants they appear completely black, thus the installation’s title: Blackfield. However when viewed from the opposite side, a field of black turns into a wall of colour. We think it’s spectacular.

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POSTED February 11, 2012 7:23 pm IN:

We love the new penchant for white paper flowers, Nikki has been smitten for some time now so thought we’d share some of her favourite papery things!

Featured in the unforgettable Chanel show, this whole installation consisted of 7000 paper flowers using 4000 square meters of paper…

Elena Salmistraro designed this beautiful headdress and constructed it with origami techniques, she also designed this rather gorgeous vase…

Not strictly white but gorgeous anyway, Nikki loves paper flowers in bouquets

Jeffrey Nishinaka is massively talented origami artist. He created this 20 foot tall tree complete with grassy meadow and wildlife to celebrate the 5th Anniversary of the ANA Hotel in Tokyo. We think it’s simply magical!


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POSTED February 9, 2012 6:40 pm IN:

We are incredibly excited about our latest collaboration with The National Gallery. Nikki has created a bouquet inspired by the painting Venus and Mars by Botticelli and we think it’s beautiful. Especially for Valentine’s Day this bouquet incorporates the delicate fleshy tones of the recumbent Mars and the delicate lilacs and pinky orange of the sumptuous textiles surrounding the couple.Nikki has used gorgeous Quicksand, Ocean Song and Cherry Brandy Roses to beautiful effect and combined them with Astrantia and climbing Clematis. The bouquet is wrapped in parchment and tied with a luxurious bronze bow, giving it the perfect balance of beauty and strength.

This bouquet can be ordered online at The National Gallery Shop, and is priced at £65.

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We love messing about with all our beautiful flower images in the office, trying out ribbon and linen and making mood boards for our wonderful weddings – it really is a joy.

The one above is for a romantic vintage theme with dusty pinks and lilacs and the one below is a creamy white theme, we love making them as it gives us a chance to reconnect with all the gorgeous weddings! It’s such an inspirational environment…

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