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For generations, the new Jewish year has been greeted with apple and honey, symbolising the hope for a sweet year ahead, so we’re giving a jar of delicious urban bee honey with every bouquet bought today in celebration of the Jewish New Year!

Einstein is reported to have said that “If all the bees were gone, humans would be gone within 4 years”. This prediction could soon be put to the test if something does not change, and soon. It is estimated that 100 crop species provide 90% of food worldwide and 71 of these are pollinated by bees. With Britain’s Bee population dropping at an alarming rate the effect on crops, wildlife and humans could be devastating. To that end, we aim to support a new generation of bee keepers who will eventually host their own hives and the honey that we have sourced to give with our bouquets has been harvested as part of a scheme to create a sustainable honey source for Rosh Hashanah.


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We ran a children’s flower class on Saturday for the winners of our ‘Like us on Facebook’ campaign and it was just wonderful! The children thoroughly enjoyed putting their creative skills to good use whilst also learning about nature.

After a very busy day, the guys were tired but very happy!

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Wild at Heart visited the TENT London design show yesterday, these are Nikki’s favourite pieces…

This piece is called ’100 years after the party’ we love the way Makiko Nakamura has allowed nature to reclaim this wonderful tea set.

This is one of NIkki’s favourite pieces from the show – it’s called HAPPY, with the tag line ‘A product designed to make you happy…and it’s as simple as that!.’ Made by the very talented and joy giving Stephen Johnson it’s made of anodised aluminium and it’s a lot bigger than you think it is!

This is a phenomenal tapestry by one of our favourite artists, Donya Coward. She’s protesting against the bad rap that the Staffie recieves, everyone forgets they were bred to be lap dogs! We love her use of victorian lace and catholic imagery…

Nikki loves neon, and this memento of love and loss, of triumph and high adventure by Sarah Blood is just fabulous. It was a fantastic show, congratulations to everyone involved!


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POSTED September 20, 2011 3:40 pm IN:

Here’s this afternoon’s show – graced by none other than Anna Wintour herself. Nikki designed all of the flowers and had an amazing time. Welcome to the fantastical world of Meadham Kirchhoff!

Leigh, our genius operations director painstakingly attaches the garland to the giant cake!

These delightful ballerinas are all channeling Nikki Tibbles! Wonderful!


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Ok, it’s turning into a whirlwind day for Nikki! After the Nicole Farhi  store opening last night – where we supplied these gorgeous roses…

…Nikki’s been at the National Gallery this morning, and now she’s heading over to the eagerly anticipated Meadham Kirchoff show to get things ready for the off (our lips are sealed!! take a look at last year’s show to get some idea…we’re sooooo excited!!!)

After she’s finished tweaking she’ll be off to the very talented Kinder Aggugini show, before coming back to Meadham Kirchoff to oversee proceedings…After all this, Nikki has been invited to a dinner in honour of the great Sir Terence Conran, and she’ll end the evening at Solange Azugary Partridge’s party to launch her new range 24 – 7.

No, we don’t know how she does it either…!


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POSTED September 19, 2011 9:55 pm IN:

This is a very exciting time for us here at Nikki Tibbles Wild at Heart, we’re starting a brand new blog where we’ll be letting you know about what inspires Nikki in her amazing work and keeping you up to date with her activities on a regular basis. Whether it’s a gorgeous wedding or spectacular event, you’ll be among the first to see how Nikki can absolutely transform a space with flowers…

If you haven’t already, please sign up to our newsletter, because over the coming months there will be lots of great offers for you, our wonderful friends and customers.

Once you’ve checked out the new site, why not pop over to our facebook page and tell us what you think? We love to hear your comments!



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‘We are pleased to be partaking in the third Vogue’s Fashion Night Out which will be taking place at Liberty this year. Liberty has arranged a list of activities and animations to entertain and interest customers on the evening with the main focus being the launch of Lulu & Co in-store.’

’We will be giving away 200 mini orchid posies for the first 200 customers who sign up to our newsletter.’

’The theme this year is HonoLULU lounge:’

’Liberty will be working with the formidable fashion maven Lulu Kennedy for AW 2011 with her Lulu + Co full collection launching in-store for Fashion’s Night Out.’

’The designers will be on hand to style customers in their Lulu + Co and eponymous collections while Lulu and the rest of her team hand out flower leis and cocktails and DJ Sloanie spins music straight out of Elvis’ Blue Hawaii.’

’It’ll be a fun filled evening so if you are in the area we would love to see you and give you one of our mini orchid posies.’
Tuesday 6th September

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‘Nikki visited the fabulous and sensorial Une Promenade installation by Karl Lagerfeld and CHANEL at Harrods today. More than an installation, this is a contemporary excursion into the enchanted world of CHANEL, like Alice stepping through the looking glass. The pop up shop on the 3rd floor was inspiring, as you entered through a symbolic curtain of white beads into the 2.55 shoulder bag room, past the luxurious garden where flowers scintillate with diamonds in display cases (with their very own and utterly adorable Chanel leatherette watering can!), into the fabulous Nursery filled with bespoke Chanel dolls, past the Haute Couture room (oh how we dream of receiving one of those stunning delivery cases complete with gown!), and Karl’s very own Studio 7L, with its gigantic library and finally the promenade leads you to the Tweed room dedicated to showcasing Chanel fabric as works of art.’

’The installation is on for 3 weeks – don’t miss an opportunity to be amazed and inspired!’
Tuesday 6th September

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POSTED September 19, 2011 7:16 pm IN:

‘We’re about to bring you a brand new website so we’ve been shooting our new seasonal bouquets, and we’re loving this one.’ Thursday 1st September

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